Editor, Daily Nexus,

One thing that I have come to realize, along with my fellow freshmen, is that we get screwed every quarter when we register for classes. TakeWinter Quarter, for example. When I attempted to crash Political Science 1. being a political science major, I figured that getting into the introductory class for my college career would be easy. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Not only were over 100 other people trying to crash the class, but the majority of them were upperclassmen. They get priority registration codes because of their class standing, but how does this make logical sense? It doesn’t, so let me break it down.

Having freshman status means late pass dates because the number of units completed thus far separates class ranks. Because people can only register for up to 13.5 units on your first pass period, people are left with at least one class that they’ll have to wait to register for – or attempt to crash. A junior or senior with double or triple the amount of units that a freshman has will get his or her second pass date at about the same time that I get my first, or maybe even earlier. So why, I ask, are these people not able to register for classes? Also, if you’re a senior or a junior and you need an introductory class to fulfill general education requirements, then that’s you’re own damn fault for not doing it ahead of time. Why should I be punished because you don’t have your shit together?

The only thing that has stopped me from having a mental breakdown and possibly attacking one of the upperclassmen that got a pass code in Political Science 1 instead of me, was hearing my history TA say that he wasn’t going to give priority to upperclassmen for exactly these reasons. No wonder history’s one of my favorite classes.