Support tsunami relief? Wait – that was so last month. Besides, I heard Jacko is protesting. America and other nations gave money and nations have been rebuilt. I have to remind those who hold this opinion that there is more to nation building than three weeks of news press and “Crossfire” discussions. The damages for Indonesia were over $4.5 billion and reconstruction costs will be significantly higher. The nations that were devastated face long-term struggles, and every dollar helps. More importantly, there are victims of the tsunami that need food and medical supplies.

This is why Associated Students organized “Isla Vista Tsunami Relief.” Three businesses – I.V. Market, I.V. Bakery and Sam’s To Go – have agreed to donate percentages of their sales to tsunami relief. I.V. Market will donate 10 percent of additional sales from Jan. 30 to Feb. 6. Additional sales are sales more than last week’s sales. If you’re planning a Super Bowl party or barbecue, buy your brew, chips, meat and mixers in I.V. Even if you weren’t going to throw a party, you really should. Make a reason to party and head to I.V. Market for provisions, or better yet, don’t make a reason at all – just celebrate. It’s easy to support tsunami relief, all you have to do is buy things that you were already going to buy at a grocery store close to your home.

Sam’s To Go will be donating 10 percent of sales after 1 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 3. If you haven’t sat in the sun at Sam’s with a pitcher, you’re missing out on a unique I.V. experience – not to mention hookahs, which are perfect after one of Sam’s 29 sandwiches and a few brews. You really shouldn’t leave I.V. without trying a hookah, and, let’s face it, the sandwich is incredibly versatile. It can be used as fuel for studying, it’s easy to transport and it also makes a good quick base of food to begin a night downtown or playing poker. Yes, you can find one of these versatile food items at Sam’s To Go and I.V. Bakery.

I.V. Bakery will donate 10 percent of sales after 1 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 5. The bakery makes delicious pastries and cakes. When you wake up on Saturday with alcohol-induced aches and the desire for quick, tasty food, head straight to the bakery. Coffee and a pastry can be purchased for only $2.50. They serve bagels and sandwiches, too. I recommend getting a sandwich with fresh avocado and an Italian soda. Grabbing a quick sandwich or pastry before going to the library or back to bed always makes my Saturday a little better. All proceeds will be donated to Direct Relief International, which is located in Goleta. Direct Relief has agreed to donate 100 percent of the money to relief efforts.

If you haven’t seen a report about the tsunami disaster on the news recently, the death rate is over 219,000 – and rising everyday. It’s estimated that in Indonesia 7,700 children may have lost both of their parents. Most students have seen pictures of the massive destruction and the people who are in desperate need. A.S. is holding a tsunami relief drive that is easy to participate in, and everyone who donates gets the goods and services they are looking for. Stay in I.V., get what you want and support tsunami relief.

Jared Renfro is a senior political science major and external vice president of local affairs for Associated Students.