Editor, Daily Nexus,

Although I offer my hearty thanks to Nikki Moore for Friday’s ode to the local live music scene (“Stayin’ Alive in the SB Live Music Scene,” Daily Nexus, Jan. 28), I am extremely disappointed at the total lack of even a cursory nod to the Isla Vista scene and particularly to the tireless efforts by the producers of I.V. LIVE to offer quality live performances every week right here in Isla Vista. Every Saturday night from 9 to 11, Embarcadero Hall is transformed into a performance venue to showcase the talents of UCSB students, Santa Barbara community members and guest artists from across the country. The variety show format of I.V. LIVE allows for a wide range of performance styles, and music is – and always has been – a primary component of the weekly formula. Please support the efforts of your fellow students and community members by giving them due credit for the fantastic performances into which they have poured their talent, their time and their energy for the enjoyment of all.