Editor, Daily Nexus,

This letter is in response to Monday’s letter (“Egocentric Dems Should Accept Election Results, Daily Nexus, Jan. 24). I appreciate the fact that the letter expressed a valid opinion and should be heard. But I do not agree.

First of all, let’s discuss the mess in Iraq because that is where we are at war – NOT Afghanistan, the country who’s evil leader attacked the United States. We actually pulled our troops out of Afghanistan when we went to war with Iraq, leaving Osama bin Laden a free man. The connection between the two countries – yes, there is a connection – is that they hate each other. Don’t get it twisted, the average liberal has no illusion that 9/11 was an act of war by terrorists – we just know it was Osama, and Iraq had nothing to do with it. People get the impression that liberals are pacifists, which is completely untrue. Going into the mountains of Tora Bora was necessary to track down the leader of al-Qaeda’s evil empire. We went wrong when we pulled our troops out of Afghanistan in favor of going to war in Iraq, just before we had Osama caught. Why did this happen? That still puzzles me today.

Well, not really. Without a war Bush would not have won the election, and he knew this. I’m not saying that Iraq was never a threat to the U.S., but we never did find any WMDs, and we certainly did rush into war with Iraq. We will never know if the war could have been avoided. What we do know is that we have lost well over 1,000 good soldiers for no reason, in a war that looks nowhere near over, a war that is still unjustifiable from any point of view. So yes, from now on when you are reading the paper or watching the news, try not to be naiéve.