Editor, Daily Nexus

I certainly hope that the students who walked out on their classes and wasted their time with “alternative classes” had fun. After all, anything that makes you look this stupid, be it extreme intoxication or protesting the inauguration of a democratically elected president, should at least produce some pleasure.

The right to protest is one that I hold dear. Protest exists to spur change. But what exactly were the students who took to the Arbor in anger hoping to accomplish? Were they expecting their actions to somehow overturn the election and put John Kerry in charge? In the end, they came off as opponents of democracy. It seems as though the event organizers yearn for a world where the loudest group of protestors gets to determine the fate of the nation. Adding to their negative image is the fact that several protestors vandalized Republican signs and damaged the camera of one of the members of the College Republicans.

If loud angry protests were what appealed to voters, then Kerry would have won by a landslide. When will the extreme left learn that by doing this, all they’re really doing is making the average American tilt more toward the right? I really feel sorry for the people who think this way because they will always be doomed to failure. And by feeling sorry, I mean I point at them and laugh.

Like it or not, the Democratic Party is being defined by its radical members. Those Democrats who are more pragmatic should be mad as hell at this, but they’re not. I say keep it up. I told the members of the College Republicans to let the illegally placed walkout signs stay up. Events like these disgust many Americans. If the left keeps this up its counterparts and successors all over America will be able to idly stroll into a 2006 midterm sweep and a new Republican president in 2008.