Editor, Daily Nexus,

As a resident of Anacapa Residence Hall, I frequent both Ortega and DLG Dining Commons. Recently, while walking out of the DLG at closing time for Late Night, I was accosted at the door by an employee.

She informed me that the little container of French fries I was walking out with was a snack “to be enjoyed inside.” I knew the dining commons’ policy: Students may walk out with ONE food item that completes their meal. To me, French fries are ONE food item that would have put the finishing touch on my grilled cheese/cheeseburger feast.

The young lady thought differently. Seeing as it was closing time, I figured it would be a waste of food to leave my fries to be put in a dumpster and I thought to myself, “What is the difference if I just eat this outside instead? No one else will eat them anyway.” I questioned the DLG door-watcher about this and she told me that it was an “insurance liability” to let me leave with my food.

Regretfully, I went back inside, placed a near-full container of French fries on the conveyor belt and exited the DLG with only a two-thirds full stomach.

Walking back to my room, I thought of all the students who would be motivated to steal from the dining commons if put in the same situation, and the fact that the second fruit juice dispenser at the ‘Tega has been out of commission for the greater part of the week, depriving me of my regular two glasses of pineapple juice.

I would like to ask that the dining commons policy on walking out with food drops the phrase “completes your meal.” I don’t think many will walk out pancakes — or turkey pot pie-in-hand. Thanks for your time.