The Environmental Affairs Board (EAB) will kick off the quarter with tonight’s “Winter Quarter: Bring Your A-Game” meeting, the first gathering specifically geared toward the public.

The meeting, which will take place between 7 and 8 p.m. in Embarcadero Hall, is a general orientation meeting for people who have never been involved in the organization, said Alisha Dahlstrom, EAB co-chair and third-year aquatic biology and environmental studies major. She said EAB members will present attendees with events and campaigns scheduled for the school year and will answer any questions people may have.

“The meeting is more information-based than action-based,” Dahlstrom said. “We’ll give a history of the campaigns and have information to hand out.”

Dalstrom said meeting topics will include plans for the Earth Day Festival, hiking and camping outings in or around Santa Barbara, campus composting, teaching environmental education at Isla Vista Elementary School and the organic food contract for the university dining commons.

Aside from these areas of concern, EAB is collaborating with Associated Students to establish a Sustainable Master Plan for UCSB, Dahlstrom said. Other issues EAB will continue to focus on include transportation, making Goleta sustainable and development of living classes.

“The Education for Sustainable Living classes are university-accredited, upper-division classes that provide a hands-on knowledge for environmental campaigns,” Dahlstrom said. “There will be sign-ups for these classes at the meeting.”

EAB co-chair and fourth-year environmental studies major Aaron Gilliam said the meeting will provide a forum for students to get involved and bring up ideas for improving the campus and Isla Vista.

“We are always open to starting new projects and listening to ideas,” Gilliam said. “Bring your ideas, enthusiasm, and an appetite for food and refreshments afterwards.”

Gilliam said EAB hosts these mass meetings at the beginning of each quarter. He said members take the topics discussed during these meetings and then begin working on specific campaigns and other tasks the organization needs to accomplish in their regular weekly meetings.

Approximately 150 students attended the last kick-off meeting for Fall Quarter, and around 100 students are expected to show up to tonight’s EAB meeting, depending on the weather, Gilliam said.

EAB member and senior geography major Soumil Mehta said EAB serves as the hub of all environmental affairs on campus.

“I’m looking forward to the meeting because it is where all the different environmental avenues converge,” Mehta said. “It’s also a celebration; EAB is where it all begins. Of all the campus environmental groups, at least one person is a member of EAB.”

Gilliam said the meeting will only focus on EAB projects, but he said EAB works with other student organizations, including the Excursion Club, Surfrider Foundation, CalPIRG, the Green Campus Council and the Shoreline Preservation Fund in organizing and implementing their respective campaigns.