Editor, Daily Nexus,

Since childhood, I’ve always thought political bumper stickers were a silly idea. After the election, it’s like a bad one-night stand — love it or loathe it, you’re still stuck with it. I scoff at cars boasting “W04” or “Kerry/Edwards: A Stronger America.” There’s no point, see? And that’s how I feel about all of this political shit-flinging going on in the Daily Nexus.

The opinion columns lately seem to be a public-use Playboy, i.e. merely a place for people to — ahem — unload in the middle of a usually respectable publication. Yes, my views are liberal, but I’m not very outspoken – something that I’m sure the likes of columnists Neil Visalvanich, Alec Mouhibian and Loren Williams consider a great travesty. But boys, get a fucking soapbox at the UCen or something, because, for those of us who just want to do the crossword without turning over some stomach acid-churning biased piece of political fodder, the lectures are really irritating. Put your numbers in the personal ad column and have some pizza together. I’m sure that despite political differences you can all still get along. But for everyone else’s sake, cease and desist the catapults of hot steaming fecal matter.