Editor, Daily Nexus,

I live at 6694 Picasso Rd., which is a 10-unit apartment building – about 32 people live there. Ron Wolfe and Associates manages the building and upon signing the lease, we were promised free high-speed Internet. There was a sign on the building that advertised this deal and so my roommates and I agreed. We were naive and didn’t think to make sure the promise was in the lease and have therefore been screwed ever since.

Our lease began in June and we have only had Internet for a total of one month – October. We went the entire summer and fall quarter without an Internet connection. My neighbors and I call daily and Wolfe gives us the runaround every time. They tell us that it will be fixed in three days, but never deliver on the promise. They never even send anyone out anymore to attempt to fix the problem.

The building manager, pretends that Internet is not an important tool for college students. I have tried to explain to him that it is a daily routine. I cannot easily e-mail my professors; I have to register for classes at the library; I book flights home from the library and my cell phone bill has increased because I do not have Instant Messenger.

As I am sure many students are, I am tired of management companies taking advantage of college students. I hope that this is newsworthy because it is the only step that I can think of to try to even the score with Wolfe. I would discourage anyone from living under his management company because they do not treat college students fairly.