“Is the bass loud enough for the girls to feel with their poonanies?” asked Pepper vocalist/bassist Brett Bollinger in the middle of their Nov. 19 show at the Hub. Something tells me it was — because I felt their anatomy-defying vibes in mine.

With hundreds of young, sweaty fans, Pepper maintains an overpowering beach-rock aura much like that of the late Sublime. A commanding stage presence made the crowd putty in Pepper’s hands. The band satisfied the crowd’s cries for “Stormtrooper,” one of its most popular songs after much agonizing delay. Luckily, Pepper has a small arsenal of excellent sounding, catchy tunes like “Give it Up” and “Tradewinds” that kept the crowd delighted while they waited for the hits.

Pepper’s two albums, Kona Town and recently released In With The Old, are eerily reminiscent of Sublime and 311. It is not a wonder then that their most recent album was recorded in 311’s studio. Their reggae/rock/punk styles are meshed so well together that the band is capable of wooing a beachside town.

The band did not overlook the fans’ enthusiasm as they said at one point, “You guys are one of the best audiences we’ve ever played for. I wish everybody knew this is how a crowd should be.”