The Associated Students Initiative, which would have increased student fees to the A.S. unallocated fund by $10.40 per quarter per student, failed by a margin of 148 votes Thursday afternoon.

The initiative needed a two-thirds majority — 66.6 percent of the vote — to pass, but only 63.16 percent of undergraduate students voted in favor, while 36.84 percent voted in opposition. A total of 3,865 out of the 18,121 registered undergraduates at UCSB — 21.3 percent — voted in the election. For the three-day long special election to be valid, a minimum 20 percent voter turnout is required. Students currently pay $9.10 per quarter to the fund, and the increase would have brought the total fee amount to $19.50 per quarter.

Funds for student groups, clubs and A.S. entities allocated through A.S. Finance Board are already limited this year, but they will continue to remain in jeopardy because the initiative failed, said Vice President of External Affairs Felicia Cruz.

“Finance Board funded three or four groups this year,” Cruz said. “All the graduations, everything we fund