Associated Students Legislative Council met briefly Wednesday night, tabling the only bill on the agenda to try to keep the meeting short so they could go out into Isla Vista to remind students to vote in the A.S. special election.

The council approved minutes and appointments of other A.S. boards and committees. Members of other A.S. entities gave progress reports to council members. The tabled bill, proposed by Off-Campus Representative Raymond Meza and Rep-at-Large Jason Everitt, would make changes to some of the financial policies and procedures of A.S.

“A lot of them are just things that will bring us in line with the University’s policies,” Meza said.

During his executive report, A.S. President Cervin Morris asked Leg members to volunteer after the meeting to go into Isla Vista and knock on residential doors to remind UCSB students to vote in the special election.

“I know the numbers are kind of low, but we need a final push,” he said.

As of 4 p.m. Wednesday, about 2,200 students had voted in the online election through the GOLD system, Off-Campus Rep. Adam Graff said prior to the meeting.

In other news, A.S. Program Board Chair Travis Heard said the group has finalized its purchase of $45,000 worth of new sound equipment, which will be in use in the middle or late January. Interest accumulated over the last 10 to 12 years from capital reserves will pay for the new equipment, Heard said.

The current equipment is nearing the end of its lifecycle, with some appliances “on its last leg,” Heard said. One of the organization’s amplifiers blew out at a Distillers show last May and forced Program Board to reschedule the event.

The two page-long list of new equipment includes monitors, amplifiers, power distributors, speaker boxes and subwoofers. Heard said the new equipment will help Program Board attract higher profile bands.

“Most people come into a college where they think it’s just students,” Heard said. “…[Now] we have professional equipment that matches the same equipment you would find in Los Angeles, San Francisco and anywhere else.”

In his report, A.S. Executive Director Don Daves-Rougeaux said he is working with the organization’s auditors, who will review student government’s accounting books and give a presentation about A.S.’s finances later in the year. Daves-Rougeaux said he would report back to Leg Council when more information develops.