Editor, Daily Nexus,

In response to Loren Williams’ column “Damn Skippy: Post-Election Hangover” (Daily Nexus, Nov. 9), may I point out that Democrats, while distressed by the outcome of the election, have quickly decided to move on. It seems, then, that the Republicans, the party of “morals” (i.e., Christian values), have chosen to linger on with post-election rubbing-in, and have now apparently decided to offer political commentary on what happened to the tune of stereotyping Democrats as “liberal elitists” with their “French wine.” As an indignant Democrat, but, more importantly, as an educated person, I am outraged by Williams’ stuck-up tone and libel. If Mr. Williams wants to tout morals, he had better not go about it by spitting venom at people who aim to raise, not condescend to, the level of Average Middle-Class American Joe Christian from Somewhere, Kansas. If Mr. Williams is still doing victory dances a week after the fact, I suggest he go find himself a hobby. Reading is a good hobby, and I’ll even throw in a first recommendation: The 9/11 Commission Report.