Editor, Daily Nexus,

I suppose there are enough undergraduates that directly benefit from Associated Students and its spending, but that is not the case for me. I do not belong to a campus organization that spends my quarterly $9.10; I’ve bought only one required $8 reader from the bookstore (not from A.S.); I don’t play intramural sports; and I don’t participate in any illegal or stupid activities that would put me in a bad position with the I.V. police. I am focused on a great education, not on filling up my planner with conferences, celebrations and concerts that are irrelevant to my needs and interests.

I am disgusted to read that A.S. is asking for more money as early as this Winter Quarter. We are even having a “special election” because A.S. wants their money now and wants to more than double our current A.S. quarterly fees – what for? To give them more money to budget poorly and hand out for the many events that I have zero desire in attending?

This fee hike is higher than the last three attempts. There is a clear reason why the past three measures to take our money failed. Past students knew better than to slap on more unnecessary expenses to our already overpriced education. Do not be misled by the signs on campus that simply say, “Yes on A.S.” They should truthfully read, “Yes on Giving A.S. More $$.”

Maybe A.S. can try some more old-fashioned fund raising, like other campus groups do, instead of just making us pay. Today I saw a girl wearing a “Yes on A.S.” T-shirt. Shouldn’t the money to make these “organic” T-shirts go directly back to the students and not to campaigning? It must be easy to ask for fee hikes when, as president or vice president of A.S., you get free tuition out of A.S. funds.