After playing countless sold-out shows in support of its 2002 break-through album The Execution of All Things, Rilo Kiley has returned with further enthusiasm and abundant confidence. The departure from a consistent indie pop sound has produced songs that discernibly illustrate influences from different genres such as country and soul. With songs such as “More Adventurous” and “I Never,” the band expects to appeal to a greater audience.

With the release of the new album More Adventurous, Rilo Kiley has ambitiously established its own record label named Brute/Beaute. Their musical accomplishments and popularity have also earned them the commercial support of the major label company Warner. The successful collaboration between songwriters Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennet has been a keystone on previous albums; however, with More Adventurous, the listener can no longer hear a sound that demonstrates equal contributions from both songwriters; the new album offers overpowering insights from Lewis alone. Independently, she is credited as writing as many as five songs, whereas every song from previous albums did not exclude such a fellowship. Many listeners may not agree with the new Rilo Kiley sound, but the variation is nonetheless an advancement for the band.
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