It’s been a long while since our ears have been kissed by the sound of Green Day. Well, music fans, it is 2004, and the trio swims back into the stream of main with the freshly released American Idiot. With the potty mouth of Billy Joe, the guitar rips of Mike Dirnt and the beat of Tre Cool’s drum, American Idiot proves to Green Day’s underground cult followers that it is still the same Northern California band that brought home punk rock in 1994.

One of the most pleasing aspects of the newly released album is its impressive length, with 21 tracks. It is chock-full of the familiar sounds and antics of Green Day and will make you feel at home with the memories of those Dookie-filled days in grade school. The soft side of the band shines through as usual, with ballad-like tracks such as “Wake Me Up When September Ends.” With the recent radio releases of “American Idiot” and “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” Green Day moves up in the world of modern rock, climbing the ladder to the top of the charts.

It’s not easy to be an old-timer in the musical universe these days. So give some respect, people, because Green Day has been delivering for 10 years now, and if you’re a fan, it won’t be hard for you to recognize that they have stayed true to their dear fans and original sound. And if you’ve never tasted Green Day before, take them with a grain of salt. The band has no limits and isn’t afraid to let the world know it.
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