Measure A

Measure A links the salaries of Santa Barbara City Council members and the mayor, all of whom are normally underpaid, to the annual median income for Santa Barbara County. This establishes a fair salary for those who govern the city of Santa Barbara and allows those who can best represent Santa Barbara to serve knowing that their salary is finally on par economically with the average resident.

The Nexus endorses Measure A.

Measure B

As far as Measure B goes, why would we want four out-of-town architects on our board of review? Let’s put this into perspective here – do you really want a dentist to perform your shoulder surgery? Do you want an optometrist to do your dental work? Of course not – you want an expert in the field.

We want the people who design our city to be experts on, well, our city. We want fluidity in architecture; the architects from Santa Barbara have done a great job. We don’t need any Wisconsin flavor in our little coastal paradise.

Keep with the people who know our city the best: residents of Santa Barbara.

The Nexus strongly opposes Measure B.

Measure D

Estero Park is great – but also vastly underused. The construction of a community center would be a great way to, for once, do something for the community of Isla Vista rather than for us, the students.

Forty percent of I.V.’s population is made up of permanent residents – mostly struggling, lower-income families. Imagine growing up here. Walk through Children’s Park on Picasso Road and you’ll see real underage drinking. The community center could be a great haven for the children of I.V., away from the party culture that is so heavily prevalent here.

As for those who are against the destruction of Estero’s lopsided basketball courts and large athletic fields, Measure D’s plan includes the construction of new basketball courts, a soccer field, a skate park, new playgrounds, community gardens, picnic areas, a teen center, child and senior care, and a multipurpose hall.

Oh, and did we mention it doesn’t cost us a dime?

The Nexus strongly endorses Measure D.

Measure Y

We decided not to take the alienated voter route on Measure Y. Quite frankly, despite all the research we did, there is no way we could make an educated decision on whether to endorse or oppose Measure Y. Even the summary we read on said, “If the measure is not approved, the effect is unknown.”

The number $22,545,410 appears without explanation in the measure’s description in the voter guide. There is no explanation or reasoning for that particular value. Perhaps if they had made it $5 less, we would have given them an endorsement. But otherwise, research it on your own and decide for yourself.

The Nexus gives no endorsement for Measure Y.