Pedro Nava brings an array of experience to the table that will help him succeed in the State Assembly.

As a member of the California Coastal Commission since 1997, Nava has taken many strides in protecting the Santa Barbara coastline and the environment in general.

With a number of concrete goals in mind, many of which aim to chip away at California’s budget crisis, Nava has the ability to produce tangible results for the 35th District, a quality that his opponent, Bob Pohl, lacks.

Though Pohl is a nice guy, Nava is everything a politician should be — straightforward, experienced and brutally honest. He doesn’t make disingenuous promises to Isla Vista or UCSB — mere specks in the 35th District — but he reassures us that he will fight for issues in health care, education and the environment that affect us all.

In an institution as partisan as the State Assembly of California, Nava’s ability to cross party lines will also prove to be an advantage. His party affiliation doesn’t take precedent over what he is determined to accomplish — a relief from other campaigns.

The Nexus endorses Pedro Nava for 35th District State Assembly.