With three terms in Congress under her belt, Lois Capps has the experience, values and determination to represent the 23rd District on the national level once again.

Not only does she ooze sincerity, but she doesn’t back down from her positions – many of which put her in the minority in Congress – on a woman’s right to choose, health care and the environment. Her passion and commitment to her causes while consistently being an underdog remind us that she is a fighter and will continue to be so if elected.

When asked about her breaking the promise she made not to run again, she admitted her wrongness, defended her reasoning and said that if the people really do believe this mistake overshadows her accomplishments, they shouldn’t vote for her.

Those are two things Capps does with integrity: owning up to her mistakes and believing in the judgment of her constituents enough to know that justice will prevail in the end.

The Nexus strongly endorses Lois Capps for the 23rd District of the U.S. Congress.