Editor, Daily Nexus,

This Saturday, Oct. 23, the People’s Coalition is holding a march and rally to “Vote to Get Bush Out and Take Our Country Back” as we approach the final run-up to the election.

In the last four years, the Bush administration’s appalling record includes: an illegal pre-emptive war in Iraq, increasing worldwide terrorism, the worst corporate crime wave in American history, the wholesale destruction of environmental safeguards, the loss of 1.5 million jobs at home, the rollback of civil liberties and constitutional rights and, on Sept. 11, 2001, the worst-ever breach of national security for which nobody has been held publicly accountable.

Saturday’s rally will feature local politicians, community organizers and professors who will expand on these important issues. Santa Barbara is home to many local organizations working to make Santa Barbara and California a better place to live by focusing on issues like universal health care, a living wage and an end to genetically modified food. This event is a forum for everyone to discuss these important issues, learn how to get involved, educate ourselves about the propositions and tell the American government that we refuse to be silent!

So, before you head to the polls to vote Bush out of office, come together with thousands of Santa Barbara residents who want to take back their country in a display of solidarity and commitment to change.

The coming election is one of the most important in America’s history. Come out this Saturday and join us in support of a new direction. We will gather at De la Guerra Plaza at 11 a.m., march in the streets at noon and, following the march, there will be a rally with speakers, so come on out this Saturday to support the call for change. For more info, please visit www.peoplesmarch.org.