UCSB students and Isla Vista residents rocked out this weekend at the Associated Students sponsored “Get Out the Vote” concert, featuring local and national talent.

Concertgoers gathered in Anisq’Oyo’ Park on Saturday from noon to 5p.m. to listen to music, register to vote and learn [F1]about local and national elections. The concert attracted about 300 people throughout the day and succeeded in registering around 60 people to vote in the Nov. 2 election, A.S. voter registration drive coordinator Hillary Blackerby said.

“This is definitely the biggest effort [A.S. has] made,” Blackerby said. “The presidential election is huge this year, and so far we have 7,500 [UCSB] students registered.”

Advocates of Measure D manned a booth to encourage I.V. residents to approve the construction of a community center at Estero Park. A.S. Environmental Affairs Board, voter registration volunteers and Wells Fargo also had booths set up to give information about I.V. issues and to encourage people to be politically involved.

“The political climate has changed on campus and more people want to be involved,” A.S. President Cervin Morris said. “The presidential selection is intense this year and we wanted to have this concert so more people would come out to vote.”

This year, A.S. and other groups on campus have been working hard to get the 18- to 24-year-old-age group registered to vote, concert organizer and A.S. Off-Campus Rep. Chaz Whatley said.

“There are questions and a lot of misconceptions, so we’re here to educate people and get them to register,” Whatley said. “We’re coming down the home stretch now.”

The Beatnuts, a New York-based rap duo, headlined the show and invited members of the audience on stage to freestyle. Local bands Out of the Ashes, The Irration, Ed Slow and LaHara also performed as opening acts.

“This is for a really good cause and it’s an important thing to be a part of,” said Jordan Spiers, a member of Ed Slow. ” We’re not in this for the money, we’re here to rock out.”
[F1]I don’t like this “be educated” phrase. How can you forcible educate people at a FREE concert? I guess if the bands are shitty enough, people would choose the next most entertaining option. I would say, “hear about local and national…”