Editor, Daily Nexus,

I would like to thank the Nexus for raising awareness of voter registration by groups around campus (“Campus Groups Seek More Student Voters,” Daily Nexus, Oct. 7). Low voter turnout, especially among young citizens, is and has always been a troubling factor in our democracy. Young people don’t vote, and politicians know it – so they have no reason to listen to our concerns. Your article fails to mention an important voice for student interest at UCSB: CalPIRG (California Public Interest Research Group). With our New Voter’s Project, the largest youth voter drive in history, CalPIRG is aiming to register half a million new voters nationwide to go to the polls this November. In addition, CalPIRG is having students, whether they newly register with us or have already done so, sign a pledge to vote and make their voices heard. We will take these pledges to the politicians to show them that young people have shown that they will have a say in whether they keep their jobs.