Live music and dancing will mark today’s activity fair, which will allow students to get information on UCSB’s multitude of clubs and organizations.

The UCSB Office of Student Life (OSL) will host 20th annual Activities Faire today from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Storke Plaza. OSL Project Assistant Miguel Moran-Lanier, the fair’s coordinator, said the event will include about 150 student organizations offering prospective new members a chance to see what activities and events each group hosts. He said the event is a good opportunity for students looking for extra curricular activities to find an organization.

“The only other option for students trying to look at different organizations is to go into our website, look up each one, call them up and go to their meetings,” Moran-Lanier said. “Here, in just one single opportunity, they can see as many organizations as they want, so it’s extremely time efficient for them.”

Moran-Lanier said the types of organizations on display at the event vary widely, ranging from community service, greek and cultural organizations, to groups based on political ideals or common recreational interests.

“We pretty much pack the Storke Plaza with about as many tables we can place in there while giving them maximum visibility,” he said.

KCSB-FM 91.9 radio station is set to deejay the event, and some organizations will sell food at the event while others, such as the Swing & Ballroom Dance Club, will offer live performances starting at noon.

OSL Activates Advisor Richard Jenkins said he encourages students to come out to the event to see the diversity of cultural life at UCSB.

“I think [for] anyone thinking about involvement – either on campus or off campus – it’s a great opportunity,” Jenkins said.