Editor, Daily Nexus,

When I went to community college I never had the luxury of being able to ride my bike to school. Then I came to UCSB and things changed. I had heard about the wonderful bike paths in the past but never realized just how convenient they really are. Apparently, 14,000 people ride their bikes to UCSB each day.

So, while blissfully riding my bike, I have come across a few things that have begun to irritate me. The first thing is: Please do not ride next to each other on the bike paths during the “morning rush,” as this makes it very difficult to pass you and your friend. Instead, try riding in single file. Being able to pass you is a real timesaver when one is running late.

The second thing regards people who walk in the bike paths. I know that along some parts of the north side of El Colegio Road the sidewalk disappears, but maybe you see the word “peds” on the ground and ignore the symbol under it meaning “no.”

The third thing is people who cannot seem to stay in their lane – people who can’t grasp the concept of “wrong way.”

If we could all be more sensible to others, these ideas could go a long way.