If you can’t sit through the “Nutcracker,” a night at the ballet is probably not for you. But, if that ballet is actually an energetic meld of modern dance, classical ballet, street dancing, musical theatre and folk dancing, it might be a little easier to fork out that hard-earned money and watch for two hours. Such is the case with the Lyon Opera Ballet Company from France who took over the Campbell Hall stage Oct. 4 and 5. Their diverse company, with dancers from all over the world, performed four completely unique pieces.

The evening began with the most traditional piece of the night, “Un Ballo,” which referenced youth by using the company’s youngest dancers in a sprightly but modernly witty series of pas de deux. The female dancers wore beautiful black corseted leotards with flowing black skirts often used to cover their faces in a theatrically childish fashion. The music was energetic and the lighting warm, illuminating the happiness of the couples in their short but acrobatic piece.

The most risqu