Editor, Daily Nexus,

I am the Interfraternity Council (IFC) president, and I am responding to the opinion article (“Nexus Neglects Multi-Cultural Greek Groups,” Daily Nexus, Oct. 4) regarding the greek supplement in the Nexus. While it was not made clear in the fall fraternity guide, the greek supplement is an advertising section provided by the Nexus as a kind gesture in response to the thousands of dollars spent by the Interfraternity Council on advertising each year.

The greek supplement is the product of years of business and personal relations between the IFC and the Daily Nexus. The greek supplement is not a gift given to all greek-letter organizations at the expense of only those who purchase ad space. The only legitimate area of contention that any local, regional or multicultural greek-letter organization may have is with the article published this past Friday that publicized fall fraternity rush, which takes place this Monday through Friday. It is my opinion that one categorical difference between the IFC and local, regional or multicultural recruitment weeks is that IFC rush is a weeklong event that occurs twice a year and not a year-long advertising campaign that takes place each day – as you might see in the Arbor. This creates an immediacy and complexity that separates IFC and pan-hellenic rush from all others.

If other councils or greek organizations are looking for more publicity in the Nexus, I urge them to contact the Daily Nexus advertising office at (805) 893-3140 for pricing and availability.