The Santa Barbara Surfrider Foundation filed an appeal Thursday against the proposed Isla Vista parking plan, a move that will significantly delay the plan’s implementation.

The appeal came in response to the Santa Barbara County zoning administrator’s approval of the plan’s coastal development permit on Sept. 13. Because Surfrider filed the appeal, the plan will once again be presented to the county board of supervisors for approval.

Surfrider Vice Chair Bob Keats said the group filed the appeal because the proposal limits the amount of free parking available to surfers and other beach-goers.

“The plan is inconsistent with the [California] Coastal Act, specifically on beach access,” Keats said. “We also considered the cost and the economic impact to I.V., especially to students.”

The Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors has not yet set a date for the plan’s hearing, but Keats said he hopes it will be no later than November so students will have a chance to give their input before they go home for Winter Break.

Scott Bull of Shoreline Preservation Fund said it is important for students to take this opportunity to make their voices heard.

“This appeal will give the community another chance…to give public testimony before the board,” Bull said. “The people in the county will try to push this thing through before [3rd District Supervisor-elect Brooks] Firestone takes office.”

The version of the parking plan approved by the board of supervisors in June includes metered parking in I.V’s downtown district and mandatory annual permits in most residential areas. The annual permit will cost $95 for vehicles registered in Santa Barbara County and $150 for vehicles registered outside the county.