Secretly Not a Blond(e)?

Like, oh my god, it’s time for a new weatherhuman!!! I’m totally sure I’ll be able to keep my gender unknown next year! I can totally keep a secret… like when Ashley and Brad hooked up at Ashley’s party (my other Ashley friend, Ashley Walterson)… and, um, so like no one told Chris (he’s, like, the other Ashley’s, Ashley Strompson, her boyfriend… so not the Ashley who threw the party… honestly, that Ashley has huge thighs, and I seriously doubt Brad would ever go for that). But anyways, so like, Chris was totally clueless and I was dying to tell him and oh my god I thought I was going to die, so… but like, yeah, so, um… well, I told a couple people maybe, but not him… and it’s not like I announced it to the whole campus or whatever.

Thursday’s forecast: I swear I won’t tell, really…