What do you do if you are making a film and, in the process of transporting a dolly, you inadvertently damage the interior of your friend’s car and don’t have the funds to cover it?

Well, if you are freshman film studies major Jordan Harris, you come up with one of the most cruel and unusual punishments imaginable to raise money for your cause. Starting June 5 and ending the next day in a location yet to be announced, Harris and five of his friends will be listening to the 2000 hit “Who Let the Dogs Out” by one-hit wonders the Baha Men for 24 hours straight. Other participants include Lester Russo, Jon Poser, Mikael Mossberg, Zach Hart and Bradley Geis,

The stunt works like a jog-a-thon where people pledge a certain amount of money per hour to be collected afterward. They also accept cash and PayPal donations, and there will be a bucket at the stunt where people are encouraged to donate.

“Originally it started with Lester; he wanted to listen to “All Star” [by Smashmouth] by himself but he didn’t think he could do it. So then more people joined and eventually it turned into charity work,” Harris said.

With such a long duration trapped in one room, it’s a given that they will have to leave to use the restroom or have meals.

“We’re going to have to use the restroom, so we are going to have an iPod, so we are still going to have to listen to the song constantly. And there is a three-song buffer; if you take longer than three songs, then you’re gone” Hart said.

“And we are going to have our food brought to us, probably just a loaf of bread and peanut butter,” Russo said.

Rest assured, these guys will be earning their donations. The music must remain too loud to carry on conversations, “but not too loud where we would go deaf – that would be cheating,” Poser said.

Added Harris, “I’m sure there is going to be an hour where it is the worst hour of my life, but the whole deal is for people to watch us suffer.”

For more information on the location or to donate, check out www.wholetthedogsout.tk.