More than 7,000 concert revelers filed into Harder Stadium for Saturday’s Extravaganza concert, featuring headlining band MxPx and rap artist Talib Kweli, as well as numerous local bands.

The free event, hosted by Associated Students Program Board, started at noon and lasted until almost 8 p.m., with MxPx rounding out the concert on the main stage. Other acts included Donovan Frankenreiter, the Bronx, MF Doom and Talib Kweli, whose hip-hop act drew the day’s largest crowd. Program Board Chair Travis Heard said he was pleased with the concert’s turnout.

“It went really well,” Heard said. “Everyone was really into the acts. People were up front singing along, and the local bands were great.”

Local bands Code 45, the Colour, the Pen Fifteen Club, Satin, and the Return played on stage two. Heard said many people came to see the local acts.

“There was a lot of talent on stage two, so I’m sure we’ll see them in the future,” he said.

MxPx played their signature song, “Chick Magnet,” as well as other songs from their new album, Before Everything & After, such as “Quit Your Life” and “It’s Alright.” The band’s lead singer, Mike Herrera, took the cell phone of an audience member and spoke to the woman on the other end.

“On a scale of one to 10, what are you?” Herrera asked the woman on the phone.

Herrera held the cell phone to the microphone, while he and the audience waited quietly for an answer.

“Ten?” the woman replied, at which point the crowd cheered.

Although MxPx was the main act and was scheduled to play after Kweli, nearly half of the attendees left after Kweli’s set. Matt Cooper, a senior law and society major, said he only came to see Kweli.

“I’m a big hip hop fan, and this highlights that genre,” Cooper said. “His words are inspiring.”

Many other people that left also said they were only interested in seeing Kweli, who performed an encore set. Becky Bogard, A.S. special events coordinator, said the crowd’s response to this year’s lineup will help organizers decide which acts would appear at next year’s Extravaganza.

“We had a big crowd with MxPx and Talib Kweli, and I think it brought out a diverse genre of music tastes,” Bogard said. “I think our school is more into hip hop, but MxPx did a good job.”

UC Police Dept. Officer Mark Signa said there were three incidents that required intervention from the officers working at the event, all of which resulted in the ejection of the people involved.

In one, police removed a Goleta high school student from a mosh pit that formed during MxPx’s set after he repeatedly attempted to fight other moshers.

Despite the ejections, Signa said the event went smoothly.

“Considering the crowd and the music, it went really well,” Signa said.