Editor, Daily Nexus,

I’m sure a lot of people were wondering about the comment I made at last week’s group meeting, when I was quoted saying, “I don’t even have a fucking car; what am I doing here?” (“Parking Permit Remains Subject of Debate, Anger,” Daily Nexus, May 12). Well, it’s true. I don’t have a car, but I suppose the written text cannot pick up on sarcasm.

Either way, the fact that I don’t have a car is the reason I care so deeply. I’m sick of making sacrifices for our car culture, and I’m sick of the “free ride” everyone gets by having a car. It’s obviously more convenient to have a car – it’s faster and personal. But why do I, as a pedestrian and bike rider, have to pay for it? I hate big open roads, I hate cars almost running me over and I hate being hit. If you drive a car, you should have to pay for the negative consequences of owning and driving that vehicle – environmental, social, economic and more. Why are we so heavily involved in the Middle East? Oh yeah….

I am so tired of the selfish attitude that everything must be catered to everyone’s wants and desires. You know what my dad told me? Life’s not fair – deal with it. Every single person doesn’t need to own a car. Try sharing one, and the costs, between a friend. Too “liberal”? Too bad.

You know what? I’ll just be honest. Fuck your car. Fuck your parking space. I don’t give a shit about you or your precious little gas-guzzler. You “need” a car? Bullshit. If the alternative transportation options don’t work as efficiently as you’d like, do something about it. Ask Logan Green how he and a few other individuals from Environmental Affairs Board are raising the car-sharing program from the ground.

Stop sitting around complaining about paying more money for parking and either pay up or get rid of your car. Most people here have a bike, and all students have free access to the bus routes. So use it, and put democracy in action.