The UCSB surf team will be larger than life Saturday on the silver screen in Isla Vista Theater.

“Vinyl,” a surf film composed exclusively of UCSB team members, will be shown at a premiere party beginning at 8 p.m. The film, which was created by freshmen film studies majors Alex Messina and Dave Erickson, will be preceded by a performance by I.V. rock band Tripdavon. The surf team will also raffle goods and present team awards.

Messina and Erickson compiled approximately 25 hours of footage, including team contests at Huntington Beach, C Street in Ventura and Black’s Beach in San Diego. The 45-minute film also includes footage of team members freesurfing Santa Barbara area spots like Naples, Devereaux and Depressions, as well as a short segment that a team member filmed at G-Land in Indonesia.

“The surfing in the movie is top-notch,” team co-captain Isaac Little said. “We’ve got footage of the biggest day at Campus Point this past winter.”

DVDs will be on sale for $10.

Erickson said Epic Camera Housing sponsored the project by donating two underwater cameras.

“There is one section of purely water shots that is sick,” he said. “We even got some ‘Endless Summer’-style footage with the camera mounted on the front of my longboard.”

Erickson and Messina filmed from October to February, then edited until their final cut was completed last week.

“It was a shitstorm of work,” Erickson said.

Little stressed that no drugs or alcohol would be allowed at the event. He said a surf video premiere party was cut short last year when a mosh pit broke out during a musical performance.

“They trashed the place. If there’s any alcohol this time they’ll shut the show down,” Little said. “Save it for the party after.”