There is a famous quote by Mae West that says “Good sex is like good bridge; if you don’t have a good partner, you better have a good hand.” Although I do not know how to play bridge, I do know how to have great sex.

Good sex is not just a result of genital size and a few extra thrusts. Sex is only really good when both partners trust each other, fully consent, practice safe sex and know how to satisfy their partner. These factors are important in any kind of sexual relationship: heterosexual or homosexual. They can also be applied to couples who do not have intercourse, but participate instead in oral, anal or manual stimulation.

I learned how to have great sex from my training to become a Sex and Relationship (S&R) Intern. The goal of the S&R Interns is to increase awareness of practicing safer sex and how to have a fulfilling sexual relationship with a partner. One of the ways the S&R Interns spread the word about how to have great sex is through Sex Affair.

Sex Affair is an annual fair sponsored by the Sex and Relationship Interns. This year it will be held today on the Women’s Center lawn from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Sex Affair includes a 30-foot “Tunnel of Love,” in which participants walk through and see exhibits featuring everything from sexually transmitted diseases to sex toys. There will be a plethora of information on sex, organizations, performances and even a giant dancing penis.

The main objective of the fair is to encourage the students to practice safer sex. To promote the use of barrier methods of safe sex, the first 500 people to come to Sex Affair will be rewarded with goodie bags stuffed with condoms, lube and instructions on how to use both. There will also be a free raffle for gift certificates to such places as Giovanni’s, the Elephant Bar, UCSB Bookstore, Chevy’s, the Riviera Adult Superstore and many more.

So come to the Women’s Center lawn today to learn about how to have great sex, have some fun, and maybe leave with a magnificent prize.

Genevieve Bruce is a freshman psychology major and a Sex and Relationship Intern.