Two unidentified women were struck by a car Sunday night while crossing Embarcadero del Mar near its intersection with Trigo Road.

Witnesses at the scene said the car, a Toyota 4Runner traveling north on Embarcadero del Mar, was moving at 15 to 25 miles per hour when the accident occurred at approximately 8:30 p.m. The driver told police he did not see the women crossing the street until it was too late. Both victims sustained minor injuries and were transported to Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital for treatment.

California Highway Patrol officer Nathan Collord said the incident is under investigation and the pedestrians as well as the driver may face future penalties.

“The blame could lie with him, with them, or with both,” Collord said. “When you cross the street, you have the obligation to make sure that you’re crossing safely.”

Medics at the scene said both women smelled mildly of alcohol, but Collord said this fact would not affect the outcome of any future trial.

“The driver was not under the influence of alcohol, so that is the most important thing,” Collord said.