A Distillers concert in the Hub has been rescheduled for May 12 due to a blown amplifier that forced Associated Students Program Board to cancel the original show.

The 4,000 watt amp was running off a wall outlet and blew as a result of a power surge around 5:30 p.m. on the show’s original date, April 25, Travis Heard of Program Board said. Program Board attempted to rent a replacement before canceling the show at 8:15 p.m.

“We couldn’t find anything on a Sunday night,” Heard said. “We tried bridging three 1,000 watt amps together, but if you know anything about sound systems, you know that doesn’t give you the same output.”

Heard said Program Board opted to put off the show until they could provide better sound.

“It sounded OK, but we decided the sound quality was not sufficient for an act like the Distillers,” Heard said. “We would rather reschedule it than have them sound crappy.”

Heard said Program Board would rent amplifiers, including surge protection equipment, for the May 12 show. He said Program Board would look into overhauling the sound system over summer but was not sure exactly how much they would spend on the improvements. Program Board spent $2,500 on lighting improvements in the Hub over last summer.

“We’ll probably get a couple new amps, a couple of subs,” Heard said. “College venues are always viewed as kind of second-rate venues because they generally have bad sound and no alcohol, so we kind of have to overcome that.”