Editor, Daily Nexus,

How does a university sustain an ethnically diverse campus? Quotas were rejected for being unfair and discriminatory. Affirmative Action was rejected for being discriminatory. Now, outreach is next! Why? Simply because people are ignorant!

Expressions of ignorance are becoming too common on this campus! In his Jan. 29 article, “Reverse Racism Can’t Help Race Relations,” Brian Ford wrote that “reverse discrimination is just another form of hatred” and “pointing a finger at the white community … should not be tolerated.” A student stated in a class that African-American slaves were happy and their cultural heritage wasn’t restricted. Regarding the validity of the mistreatment of Native Americans, I’ve heard, “We simply don’t know, because we weren’t there.” It seems our educational institution is failing if these students can’t intuitively sense their ignorant remarks.

Why attack these remarks? Because we shouldn’t receive ignorance with the same open arms as we do education. If you find this unappealing, then you might be aware that education is often a succession of hoops that you either jump through or wash out! What does all this point to? All things considered, it can be said that proper education doesn’t entail proper understanding. Learning is a choice