Editor, Daily Nexus,

This Sunday at 3 p.m., Karen Hughes, former counsel to President Bush, will be speaking at Campbell Hall. Of course, Hughes is a Republican and formerly affiliated with George Bush, so you guessed it – there will be a protest against her. Not only will there be a protest, but most UCSB political science professors have voiced their support for it and announced it in lectures. Why is it that no major political event can take place on this campus without a huge protest?

Oh wait – in order to find a major political event that went down without protest just look to the past. This year alone, the school not only brought, but paid for with University funds, two of the most obnoxious liberals on the planet. Michael Moore and Al Franken. Not a single protest was held against these very protest-worthy speakers. It has been a policy of conservatives on this campus not to rain on liberal parades.

Obviously, this courtesy has not been extended toward conservative speakers. I mean, the school brings a former moderate Bush adviser and the shit hits the fan. Could you imagine what would happen if the school brought the conservative equivalent of Moore or Franken? Let’s say Bill O’Reilly or Rush Limbaugh?

It’d be like Berkley in the’60s here. I think it is important to understand that your average liberal preaches tolerance and consideration of the underrepresented, unless of course those underrepresented and not tolerated happen to be conservatives. It’s all about respect, and on this campus, respect happens to be a one way street.