Editor, Daily Nexus,

If this computer would allow me to be so creative, I would draw a nice middle finger to express what this parking plan is saying to the students in Isla Vista. Instead, I will resort to putting it in simple words that every member of the parking plan board and every student at UCSB can understand.

This parking plan for next fall is a nice “fuck you” to all students at UCSB, Santa Barbara City College and even those residents of I.V. It’s apparently not enough that our landlords legally get away with charging us ridiculous rates to live in substandard housing and that the state continuously raises our student fees while continuing to cut down on spaces in classes. Today, we find out that we will be forced to pay to park outside of our own houses.

They could show a more humane face while screwing the students by charging a simple $50-per-quarter permit – a fee that should still never be charged – but instead they are going to slam a $200 charge for those of us that need our cars at school.

Besides those who use their cars to go golfing or perhaps to the grocery store, cars also provide a means of travel to and from work. You know what I’m talking about, that little place where students go to earn money to compensate for the exorbitant rates we pay to live in I.V. And yes, there are those of you who are saying, “What about the bus system?” Well those who can use the bus do, and those whose job schedules don’t fit the times have been lucky enough up until now to be able to drive. But hey, we can still drive, we just need to work those extra hours and sacrifice some food to pay for a spot somewhere in I.V. The plan doesn’t even guarantee us a spot in front of our own house.

So since this plan is telling the residents and students of I.V. to go screw themselves, I in turn give the General Plan Advisory Committee, who decided on this genius idea, a big “fuck you” as well!