Sometimes I just don’t get it. Maybe the problem is that some people are very stupid. The people I’m referring to are the ones complaining about the Daily Nexus’s coverage of Riccardo Apollo King’s arrest last Thursday night.

One would think that the community would be relieved that a person, who – according to witnesses and an actual victim – attempted to sexually assault somebody was arrested. And to boot, the guy was a fugitive from the law for such crimes as theft and burglary.

But no. The only worry some “concerned” members of our community have expressed is that the Daily Nexus has printed yet another photograph of a “person of color” being arrested for allegedly committing a crime therefore introducing racial bias to seal the suspect’s legal fate. Bullshit!

The Daily Nexus has printed photographs of “alleged” crime suspects that are “white” on numerous occasions. Remember David Attias? After all, he only murdered four people and severely injured another.

He is but one example out of many “white folk” that made the front page of the Daily Nexus for committing a crime, so this point is moot.

It is the job and responsibility of a news reporting agency such as the Daily Nexus to both report the facts and alert the community, both acts done in this case. It is the job of any news agency the “get the scoop” in order to acquire a story on a real-time basis. This sometimes requires a precious hot tip. This is a sign of good reporting, which the Nexus did.

Furthermore, King has in fact committed crimes for which he got caught, is a fugitive from the law for skipping out on his trial dates and was picked out of a photo lineup by the alleged victim as well as witnesses.

The community has a right to be aware of such an individual. But don’t just take my word for it. Check out the Freedom of Information Act sometime.

Unfortunately, in our racially sensitive little ivory tower, some of us seem to feel that the Nexus has committed major injustice by doing its actual job: reporting the news.

So what are some morons trying to say? That if you are a “person of color” you have a “get out of jail free card” and thereby exempt from equal treatment by the law and media? Better yet, maybe the message being sent here by those espousing the politics of victimization in our society is that “people of color” don’t commit criminal acts, only “white folk” do.

The funny thing about this whole “victicrat”-induced fiasco is that many of those whining about the alleged wrong aren’t “people of color.” They’re actually “white.” This makes me laugh even harder, as the stereotype of anyone “white” who attends this fine institution comprises of somebody from a six figure income family that has never really seen “the ‘hood” or has had to deal with real racial issues.

But in order to atone for the “evil deeds of the white man” they will do anything to create a racial dilemma where none really exists. This list of “victicrats” has names such as Kerri Dunn. In case the name doesn’t ring a bell, she was the visiting “white” professor at Claremont McKenna College that claimed her car was vandalized by racists, only to be later discovered that she faked the whole thing in order to create “racial awareness.” Yet, more bullshit.

To the “victicrats” whining about the coverage of King’s arrest, I say this: Move beyond that PC-era bullshit and find something real to complain about. You’re pulling these complaints out of your asses for no reason other than to whine.

Personally, as a “person of color,” I don’t see anything wrong with the cataloguing of yet another known criminal on the front pages of the Daily Nexus or any publication. This is because the issue here is about criminal behavior, not race, ethnicity, culture or religion. Any fool can see this. Anyone who believes otherwise is full of – you guessed it – bullshit.

Henry Sarria is a longtime Isla Vista resident.