UC Police Dept. arrested a man Thursday evening in connection with the sexual assault and attempted rape of a student living in the San Rafael Residence Hall.

Former UCSB student Riccardo Apollo King Jr., a native of Los Angeles, was arrested at the Garden Court apartment complex at about 7:10 p.m. UCPD Sgt. Robert Romero, who was at the scene, said King had three outstanding warrants for his arrest: one for burglary, one for theft and one for prowling. After his arrest, King was booked into Santa Barbara County Jail on charges of assault with the intent to commit rape, false imprisonment and kidnapping with the intent to commit rape, Romero said. King will most likely be arraigned this morning, and UCPD will ask for a bail of $250,000.

“Because of the seriousness of the charges and because of Mr. King’s transient lifestyle, we asked for a bail enhancement to make sure … he shows up for court,” Romero said. “Especially because he has failed to appear on those other charges, we want to make sure he is held to answer on all of these charges now.”

King failed to appear in court for two of the charges, Romero said.

“He failed to appear [in court] … therefore a judge signed a court order to have him arrested for not taking care of those other charges,” he said.

Romero would not give specifics about the theft and prowling warrants, but UCPD spokesman Mark Signa said the burglary warrant is related to King’s Feb. 26 arrest for allegedly stealing $400 worth of textbooks from the UCSB Bookstore.

King and the sexual assault victim were casual acquaintances who met on a bus, UCPD Officer Mark Signa said. King came to the victim’s room Wednesday around 5 p.m. The victim allowed King to enter the room, where they talked for a short time. According to the UCPD release, King then became sexually aggressive and attempted to assault the victim. King forced the victim back into the room when she tried to leave. King was charged with kidnapping because he prevented the victim from leaving by physically moving her back into the room, Romero said.

“The suspect took the victim from one place to another against her will,” Romero said.

The victim’s roommate interrupted the assault and helped her escape from King, the release stated. Signa said the victim, her roommate and her roommate’s boyfriend then went to the residence hall’s front desk where they contacted UCPD to report the incident. As police were being called, King exited the residence hall, and a search by UCPD of the immediate area was not successful.

Police received an anonymous tip Thursday telling them where King was located. Romero said King was staying with some friends and did not resist arrest.

As a result of the sexual assault the victim sustained abrasions to her shoulders, Signa said, but the injuries were not serious and did not require medical attention.

Several people involved in the assault case picked King from a photo, Romero said, and the victim has been notified of his arrest. The three charges related to sexual assault and intent to commit rape are felonies.

The victim is willing to press charges, Signa said.