The quarter’s final meeting of Associated Students Finance Board almost didn’t happen Monday because several members were absent at the beginning of the meeting. But 12 members made their way through the rain to the UCen 20 minutes late to start the meeting.

The board approved funds for A.S. Bicycle Improvements Keep Everyone Safe (A.S. BIKES) to advertise its upcoming ballot initiative for a new bikepath and gave money to Alpha Kappa Psi for a panel discussion with students and people involved with local businesses. A.S. Internal Vice President Denise Aceves was also given money for office printing costs. The board adjourned with $260.10 left in its account, which will roll over into next quarter’s unallocated funds.

A.S. BIKES received $250 from a special account, the A.S. Campaign Issues account, to advertise its upcoming A.S. election campaigns: one to reaffirm its current $0.75 lock-in fee and one to add a $3 lock-in fee to fund a new bikepath. The special account is set up for students to campaign either for or against propositions on upcoming student ballots, Finance Board Chair Fernando Ramirez said.

“A.S. BIKES has been really active this year,” A.S. BIKES representative Soumil Mehta said. “We get a $0.75 per quarter lock-in fee, and we’re requesting $150 for publicity to raise awareness about the Broida Expressway.”

After two years of planning, A.S. BIKES has agreed upon a $400,000 design for the Broida Expressway, a proposed bikepath that would run west to east connecting the path along the Engineering 1 building with the path behind the library. The Broida Expressway ballot initiative will appear on this spring’s A.S. ballot and will give students the chance to vote on a three-year, campuswide $3 lock-in fee.

The board voted to fund A.S. BIKES’ publicity budget without opposition, leaving $550 in the campaign account.

Next, the board considered a request from Alpha Kappa Psi Vice President of Professional Affairs Nora Hansanugrum. The organization asked for $1,000 to fund an April 25 mini-conference with local business professionals. Hansanugrum said the event would be free to students and allow them to ask the speakers questions about different fields.

“We want to open this event up to the student body and give them an opportunity to learn something that they won’t learn in a classroom setting, to hear from professionals in certain career fields,” she said.

The board voted unanimously to give the group $1,000, which will come out of next quarter’s unallocated funds, which totals $38,000.

Finally, Aceves was given $154 to print meeting agendas and attachments. A.S. President Miguel Lopez agreed the request was necessary, saying that if Finance Board’s allocations were to be approved, A.S. Legislative Council agendas would have to be printed.