Editor, Daily Nexus,

Isla Vistans have a lot at stake in this election: how landlords treat you, how safe the streets are, how much our environment is protected from oil development and much more. So I’m offering a clear picture of who I am and what I have to offer.

After moving here in 1978 with my wife Bette and our three young children, I was elected to the Isla Vista Community Council. Later, as IVCC’s executive director, I helped lead a successful 17-year fight against a huge seawall below the bluffs. In 1982, I became executive director for the I.V. Student Housing Co-op, which still provides affordable housing for students. For the last 18 years, I’ve been assistant to Supervisors Bill Wallace and Gail Marshall, fighting many battles in and around I.V.

With a broad environmental coalition, we defeated ARCO Oil’s attempt to install an oilrig off Campus Point and Mobil Oil’s attempt to place a 200-foot drilling tower near Coal Oil Point.

Recently, we created the I.V. Housing Inspection Program, which helps renters get needed home repairs, and drafted the Tenants’ Rights Ordinance that was approved by the board of supervisors. Now, landlords must pay relocation costs if you’re evicted for landlord health or safety violations. We helped fund street-sweeping programs and over $700,000 for new sidewalks, repaved I.V.’s streets and added streetlights and blue safety phones.

There’s still much to do. I’ll work for a community-based police review board, an I.V. Rental Mediation Commission, local government control by I.V. residents, more improvements in the Housing Inspection Program, a better public transit system and completion of the I.V. Master Plan.

I’m proud to be endorsed by four I.V. Recreation and Park District directors; the leading I.V. Tenant Union; A.S. vice presidents; the major environmental, social justice, women’s and labor organizations; and Congresswoman Lois Capps.

Don’t be swayed by bachelors, beer and campaign baloney. Please vote for me March 2 like our future depends on it. It does.