Editor, Daily Nexus,

Thanks to the Santa Barbara News-Press and other media, everyone knows that drinking is a serious problem in Isla Vista. So, I was very disturbed to learn that Brooks Firestone, a candidate for 3rd District supervisor, is apparently trying to win votes in Isla Vista by buying beer or wine for students. And it seems that the Firestone winery also paid for busloads of students to come there for the day and drink. Even though he undoubtedly checked I.D.s to make sure everyone was over 21, it seems inappropriate.

The question comes down to this: Is mixing drinking and voting an effort to gain more voters or more drinkers?

Either way, it’s wrong.

I seriously question the judgment and integrity of a candidate who thinks that serving alcohol to any age group is a proper way to get votes. And this activity casts some real doubt on the merits of the Firestone campaign. Shouldn’t he be campaigning on the spirit of the issues rather than on just the spirits?