The Associated Students Legislative Council got excited about a concert that could “change your life” in between the usual business of bills and resolutions at its Wednesday night meeting.

Aside from hearing A.S. Program Board representative Cervin Morris’ announcement of the Living Legends’ show tonight in the Hub, the council also reviewed a bill to boycott shirts made in sweatshops, passed a resolution to endorse a UC regent for another term and discussed a bill to amend the A.S. Legal Resource Center bylaws.

The boycott bill was authored by Off-campus Representative Lance Tackett and would ensure that A.S. policies are in line with the a systemwide UC rule passed Jan. 5, 2000, which boycotts shirts made of cotton grown with pesticides or produced in sub-standard working environments.

Tackett said the bill already has the support of A.S. Student Commission on Racial Equality, A.S. Women’s Commission, CalPIRG and A.S. Student Lobby. It is student-sponsored by two members of the Global Studies 2 honors section, Chris Dale and Kelly Burns. Burns said the boycott has already been enacted at several universities across the country.

“This is hardly a radical notion ( over 200 universities nationwide have adopted this code of conduct,” Burns said. “It was passed by A.S. in 2000 but is not yet in the A.S. legal code.”

Off-campus Representative Andrea Wells said she endorsed the bill’s boycott of nonorganic and sweatshop-made T-shirts, but said the provision in the bill that calls for a penalty fee if an A.S.-funded group breaks the boycott is unnecessary.

“I don’t support A.S. trying to micromanage its committees,” Wells said.

Off-campus Representative Jared Renfro called the fee “extortion” and asked that the penalty aspect of the bill be removed. After a long discussion, the bill was automatically tabled for consideration and will be voted on next week.

Rep-at-Large Katie Joaquin presented a resolution for the council to support Dolores Huerta for another term as UC regent. Gov. Gray Davis appointed Huerta as a regent in September 2003 to complete the term of Norman Pattiz. Huerta’s term expires March 1, and Joaquin said that as of yesterday, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger had shown no intention to reappoint Huerta for a regular 12-year term.

Joaquin said Huerta has been a voice of support for the students at the board of regents.

“She believes in the power of students to effect change, and that’s what we’re all about,” Joaquin said. “She’s one of the few people who stood up at the last regents meeting and spoke against fee hikes. She’s a really valuable voice to have on the board of regents.”

The resolution was approved without opposition.

Finally, the council heard a presentation from Renfro on a bill to update the A.S. Legal Resource Center’s (ASLRC) bylaws to establish a bidding committee to oversee the annual bidding between legal firms seeking to serve the ASLRC. Jesse Uman, chair of ASLRC, said the bill met little opposition when it was discussed at the ASLRC meeting.

“We made a couple of changes to the bylaws; it’s not a very big thing. Everyone endorses it,” Uman said.

The bill was automatically tabled to be voted on next week.