Editor, Daily Nexus,

Wow, Anthony Manganaro, you have got to chill out. In your article, “How To Get Laid at UCSB: Some Advice From a Freshman” (Feb. 20, Daily Nexus), you sound a bit like Seth Green’s overzealous character, Kenny Fisher, in “Can’t Hardly Wait.” As you’ve discovered, sex isn’t something that one can usually just grab on a whim, unless one is paying for it. It sounds like your problem is that you’re viewing women in I.V. as merely prostitutes who are ready to put out for you.

Take some advice from a girl: Don’t be so anxious and self-centered. Most girls don’t want to jump in the sack with some guy who doesn’t respect them, not only as human beings, but also as women who have many other redeeming qualities besides just tits and ass. Sex should be about both people involved, not just your desire to score.

When you are interacting with women, it sounds as if your eagerness to have sex with them is projecting that sex is all that’s important to you. This is a big turnoff above all else. Nobody likes to feel like he or she is a piece of meat. It is good that you are taking the Baldwins’ Sociology 152A course, and that you’ve picked up on the fact that “not everyone at UCSB gets laid every weekend – just a small fraction of people.” You should also pay attention to their daily mantra of respect for yourself and your partner or prospective partners. Rather than becoming bitter at the failures of your formulas – which all involve alcohol – maybe you should re-examine your interactions with women. Without respect, the sex you might or might not get with your formulas is worthless, and you’ll just be another jerk adding to the rape culture surrounding our campus.