The Persian Club will host a benefit concert Sunday to raise money for survivors of the earthquake in Iran that killed more than 40,000 people in December 2003.

The event is scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m. in Isla Vista Theater and will feature music by the Middle Eastern Ensemble. Persian Club President Reza Akef said all proceeds from the concert would go to Relief International, an organization that plans to build new housing for survivors of the earthquake in Bam, Iran.

“You’re trying to help people rebuild their lives all the way across the world – these people who lost their families in 30 seconds with one motion,” Akef said.

Relief International is one of only 12 international organizations that are still providing aid in Iran, Akef said.

“We have food, blankets and medicine for [the survivors], but housing needs to be rebuilt,” he said. “The businesses there are all family-run, and when it’s only you and your nephew [who survived], it’s difficult.”

The ensemble will play Persian folk music at the event.

“The ensemble plays different music from different countries in the Middle East, but on Sunday, they will focus on Persian music,” Persian Club External Vice President Bahar Sadigh said.

Akef said Persian clubs all across California will be hosting fundraisers for the next two weeks, and organizations at UC Irvine and UC San Francisco are holding fundraisers on Sunday.

Tickets to the event are available to students through the Associated Students Ticket Office for $15, or they can be purchased Sunday at the door for $25. The club said it will provide free refreshments and pastry desserts.