Some people prefer the kind of sex where you barely move and your eyes are shut so tightly that a crowbar couldn’t pry them open. Others still would rather have sex only in the pitch dark under the covers so that too much is never exposed. I would like to bring to your attention a way more enjoyable alternative to this traditional approach to intercourse: morning sex.

In many ways, morning sex has great advantages over night sex. If you have a roommate present the entire night, you can always have sex the next day. The minute your roomie walks out the door to start the day, lock it behind him or her and shag like you only have one day left on earth. I guarantee it will be a morning you and whoever you are boning will never forget.

Anticipation can be a strong aphrodisiac. During the course of the night, feel free to fondle, kiss, lick and drive your partner crazy with lust, but plan on waiting until morning to feast on the whole enchilada. Some say it’s not fair to use foreplay as such a tease, but it doesn’t have to be a tease in preparation for sex by dawn. You can try having oral sex that night, for instance, and fall into a rejuvenating sleep together knowing full well that there is more sexual bliss to look forward to after a few hours of rest.

However, if you are one of those impatient people who simply can’t live with that time gap between heavy petting and hot humping, why not skip nighttime foreplay altogether and wake your partner with a sunrise surprise? It sure as hell beats a cup of Folgers to start your day off.

Then again, some of you probably get grumpy if you wake to daylight pouring uncontrollably through your window shades in the wee hours of the day. Think of this light as a spotlight to lighten your mood. Don’t be afraid to really get into sex when you are completely visible.

Having the morning light on your bodies as you writhe with passion is like an interactive art piece. You can see each other’s body language quite clearly, thus becoming focused only on each other. You don’t have to be an exhibitionist to enjoy it either; the appeal should be enough to flip anyone’s morning frown upside down.

I can think of few other times when a person can still be sexually appealing despite morning breath so bad that it could melt the scales off a snake. You don’t care if your partner has halitosis worse than your ancient Aunt Gertrude because you are getting a piece of ass and your breath is probably just as bad. In fact, morning sex takes almost no preparation whatsoever. The eye boogers, drool puddles or bed hair are all easily overlooked with a little cooperative genital stimulation. Then again, no one ever said sex was a beauty contest to begin with.

Perhaps the only real thing you have to worry about in a morning sex situation is missing an appointment because you just don’t want to stop enjoying it. In that case, just sacrifice breakfast or a cup of coffee. I know that doctors and nutritionists everywhere say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and all that, but I bet most of you would rather skip it once in awhile to feed your sexual appetite instead. No doubt I would.

Just roll over and grind on your partner a little until he or she is turned on enough to indulge in your naughty plans. Worst case scenario is your partner isn’t into it and hits you in the face, but that could just as easily have happened the night before as well, so there’s really no extra risk involved. Morning sex is the carpe diem of the bedroom experience, so next time you have the opportunity for it, seize the day.

The day’s not the only thing Daily Nexus sex columnist Kate Rice will seize.