Editor, Daily Nexus,

One of last week’s articles, (“Study Uncovers Inflating Book Costs,” Jan 30) mentioned how students spend so much money on textbooks every year. I have friends who have already spent upwards of $600 on textbooks during the last two quarters alone, and will have to dish out more for the upcoming Spring Quarter. We’ve all found it difficult to find used books around, even for popular G.E. classes that are offered almost every quarter.

Luckily, there is some relief for those of us trying to save some cash. The CalPIRG students at UCSB have put together an online campus book swap where students can buy and sell their textbooks to other UCSB students. It’s really a win-win situation, since students can buy used books for less and sell their used books for more than they would be able to get reselling them at the bookstore.

This great site is www.campusbookswap.com and I recommend it to everyone who’s sick of overpriced books and getting ripped off when you sell them back.