You’ve seen him on campus, walking around with what looks like an upside-down flower pot on his head. But don’t think this distinguished gentleman has lost his mind. Instead, he’s wisely chosen to adorn his noggin with an article of headwear unique to this campus. Among the thousands of WB extra-looking students at UCSB, Guy With a Fez has chosen to set himself apart – and not with a passe unicycle or some other such frivolity. No, for your daring fashion sense, Guy With a Fez, the Nexus salutes you. Fez on, lad! Fez on!

Drink of the Week

– 2 apples
– 2 tablespoons sugar
– 2 teaspoons rosewater
– 2 cups cold milk
– shaved ice
Peel and cube the apples. Whiz them around in the blender with sugar, milk and rosewater. Serve over shaved ice.
No booze here, since this one comes from the same alcohol-adverse nation that gave us the fez: Morocco.

Fez Facts

– The university in Fez, Morocco was founded in 859 A.D. and is possibly the world’s oldest university.
– During his last Antarctic expedition, explorer Bernt Balchen allegedly left his Shriner’s fez at the South Pole, where it remains frozen to this day.
– On Nov. 25, 1919, the Turkish government made the wearing of fezzes illegal. Any offender served up to three months in prison.
– On “That 70s Show,” Fez’s name is actually an acronym for “foreign exchange student.” Or is it “ztudent”?

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