Sometimes you have to wonder about the outgoing product of our wonderful UC system. I mean, there’s a billion and one things in this world to legitimately complain about. But a banana? No, I’m not siding with Matt Laine (“Bananas for Cash,” Daily Nexus, Jan. 27″); I’m actually siding with the local law enforcement and for good reasons.

Let’s begin by saying that a $128 fine for littering on the freeway is getting off very lightly, so rejoice in that triumph because it’s the only one you have.

Apparently, the politically correct mentality so liberally taught to us in this ivory tower known as higher learning makes age, race, ethnicity or even religion legitimate excuses for wrongdoing.

If you’re of a certain race, then it is acceptable to become a gang member. If you’re of a certain religion, then you have full blessings to be a terrorist. If you’re young and attending UCSB, then you have the right to act like a jackass and get away with it. And in what parallel universe does it really work this way?

You can major in philosophy or nuclear physics, but that doesn’t exempt you from laws on the books.

Because of the arrogance that some may posses from the experience of higher learning, exemption from the rules becomes the belief of the individual. If this is the case, you’ve got another thing coming.

Laws on the books are made by legislators and enforced by law enforcement. Punishment for breaking these laws is decided by judges and juries. Pretty simple for most, complex to either the criminal mentality or the socially retarded known as the highly edumacated.

When you knowingly break a law, you can expect to get caught. If you get caught, take it like a man. Don’t be a post-sophisticated, pseudo-intellectual wussy. Even the highest GPA on earth is no excuse.

As the longtime Isla Vista resident, I can with all honesty say that my run-ins with Johnny Law have all been on the good side – and we’re talking tenure of 16 years. My friends and I committed our share of dumbassed behavior, but the differences were the following: It was before the PC era fully sunk in, so we therefore learned to take responsibility for our actions and be more accountable than the average bear. An ounce of discretion kept my bank account in the black in terms of not having to pay fines for our downright stupidity. If we broke a law, any law, it was done with the knowledge that it was our choice and, if caught, there would be consequences for us to face.

It seems all that is being taught now is the art of becoming a victim in the eyes of the public, even if you’re guilty as sin. Welcome to No-Fault 101, the class that justifies how screwed up we are.

Sure, one can theorize and philosophize about whether or not the county is making a financial killing due to people getting cited for doing something dumb, but the fact remains: People do dumb things. The only difference is whether it was done out of stupidity or arrogance.

It’s the arrogance part that will cause repeated run-ins with the cops. You can quote Plato, Aristotle, Nietzsche or any philosopher of your choice. If you screw up, face the music and don’t make the same mistake twice. If you repeat mistakes, well, let’s just say you’re not dumb. You’re just dumberer.

By the way, hatred for cops will only make you more of a jackass when you show some attitude next time you get busted for homegrown stupidity. Be forewarned, attitude begets attitude. The pattern is simple: Be stupid, get busted. Get busted, pay the price.

Finally, to set the record straight, what occurred in the 1970s in I.V. was not by any means a revolution. It was a riot. A revolution is what occurred a long time ago when a bunch of farmers took on the British army and beat them like a drum. Besides, all that’s left in I.V. bankwise are ATMs, and I’m quite sure there are laws and penal codes against burning those down too.

Henry Sarria is a longtime Isla Vista resident.